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Soosan Customer’s Day – Top Hammer Drill Rig Soosan

PT. Airindo Sakti held two days event from 22-23 February 2017 in BSD City, Tangerang and Bogor called “Soosan Customer’s Day – Top Hammer Drill Rig”. 

Top Hammer Drill Rig is a drilling machine that used in a quarries to create hole for blasting. What interesting about this machine is its ability to create a hole both vertical and horisontal, flat land area or even inside a cave.

This “Soosan Customer’s Day” event was divided into two agenda that relates from one another. First agenda was a seminar that targeted to add knowledge for the customers to understand more about Soosan Top Hammer Drill Rig also how to maintain and use the product correctly so that the customers will achieve maximum results.

The seminar was opened by President Director of PT. Airindo Sakti, Mr. Rahadian Mahendra and Soosan’s principal from Korea, Mr. Scott Shin. Followed by product presentation by Mr. Didik Eko as PT. Airindo Sakti General Manager and tools & application introduction of the product starting from engines, attachment until the maintenance by Mr. Bambang Dri as PT. Airindo Sakti Service Manager. 

The second agenda which is the next day was the product demontration of Soosan Top Hammer Drill Rig in one of PT. Airindo Sakti customers, PT. Lotus SG Lestari in Rumpin, Bogor, West Java. In this demonstration all the customers are able to see the machine capability, how does it works and getting up close and personal with the product. All the customers are using this opportunity to test the machine themselves and ask a direct questions to the principal about how to operate the machine the correct way and how to maintain it. This demonstration was directly handled by Soosan’s team from Korea.

Mr. Rahadian Mahendra reminds that no matter how great the machine is, it will be useless if the right guideline on how to operate and maintain the product is not given. Soosan Customers Day – Top Hammer Drill Rig is PT. Airindo Sakti’s effort with the support of their principal to train their customers in how to operate and maintain their machine correctly. “PT. Airindo Sakti is ready to serve and help our customers with our well trained engineers and genuine spare parts”.

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