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This division was formed to handle all the activities in material handling and industrial, with some products are designed specifically in cement industry. Brokk demolition machine & Bricking Solutions, are special equipment designed for the cement industry, application for construction, underground (tunneling) and mining. Brokk demolition machine is operated by a remote control for safety and capability in reaching inside a kiln with hot temperature. Bricking Solutions are used to create kiln based on diameter needs in vertical or horizontal.
To complete our material handling product range we have Hyundai Forklifts. Hyundai is known for its very reliable heavy equipment and advanced technology.
There are many reasons why Hyundai forklift is very reliable for material handling activities. One of them is due to its constant innovation in developing forklift models to facilitate various types of warehousing activities. As the official distributor of Hyundai forklifts in Indonesia, Airindo Sakti is committed to provide the best service with various forklift models to offer.