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SCS 513

Created Wed October, 2022 11:24
Last modified Wed October, 2022 11:24
Name Value
Class Light – Duty Cranes (2.2 ton ~ 5 ton Class)
Max. lifting capacity (ton/m) 11
Max. lifting height (m) 10.1
Max. working radius (m) 8
Max. working height (m) 10.8
Boom Type/Section Square/3
Extending speed (m/sec) 4.8/17.5
Raising speed (°/sec) 1.5~75/10
Winch Hook speed (m) 10(4/6)
Wire rope (min/m) Ø8x80m(6xfi(29)WRC)
Slewing range (rpm) 360° Continuous
Slewing speed (rpm) 2
Slewing Type Hydraulic motor driven, worm and spur gear reduction
Outrigger Type front Horizontal Manual
Outrigger Type rear Option
Max. expanded span (m) 4.0
Hydraulic system Rated flow (l/min) 65
Hydraulic system Rated Presure (kgf/cm2) 190
Oil tank capacity (l) 50
Applicable chassis (ton) 5.0~11.5