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SCS 1616

Created Wed October, 2022 11:54
Last modified Wed October, 2022 11:54
Name Value
Class Heavy – Duty Cranes (10 ton ~ 20 ton Class)
Max. lifting capacity (ton/m) 58.8
Max. lifting height (m) 30.1
Max. working radius (m) 27.1
Max. working height (m) 31.1
Boom Type/Section Hexa/6
Extending speed (m/sec) 20.4/45
Raising speed (°/sec) -12~+80/40
Winch Hook speed (m) 9.2~16
Wire rope (min/m) Ø14x100m
Slewing range (rpm) 360° Continuous
Slewing speed (rpm) 2
Slewing Type Hydraulic motor driven, worm and spur gear reduction
Outrigger Type front Fully Hydraulic (2 section)
Outrigger Type rear Fully hydraulic, Double box type
Max. expanded span (m) 7.4
Hydraulic system Rated flow (l/min) 100 X 100
Hydraulic system Rated Presure (kgf/cm2) 210
Oil tank capacity (l) 270
Applicable chassis (ton) 19.0 and above (4-wheel steering)