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Highest power to weight ratio :
– Due to high quality materials and advanced technology, higher percussive performance to weight ratio is guaranteed

Fewer components, less maintenance :
– Simply structure of TR-F series enables maintenance cost to be reduced

Improved vibration dampening :
– Fully isolated power cell with premium quality urethane cushions and war plates absorb shock and vibration resulting in reduced wear

Impact power mechanism analysis :
– Keeping dynamical stability through optimum using LS-DYNA analysis tool

IPC & ABH system (SB 147, SB 157, SB 200 TR-F Only) :
– Integrated Power Control and Anti-Blank Hammering system allows operator to choose three different working mode, the automatic Anti-Blank Hammering (shut-off) can be switched on or off.

– Primary and secondary breaking in quarries
– Site preparation, foundation works
– Road construction works
– Demolition works ; highly reinforced concrete
– Trenching
– Tunneling
– Bench leveling
– General construction works
Features & Benefits

Proven design for performance and reliability :
– SB hydraulic breaker have the most efficient and simple structure with its commitment to the basics. SB hydraulic breakers have gained worldwide acceptance in the past three decades and its breaker design is a subject of benchmarking around the world

Gas and oil percussion mechanism :
– Compressed nitrogen gas in the back head greatly contributes powerful impact force with less oil flow pressure

HARDOX reinforced housing :
– The lower part of housing is reinforced by HARDOX for maxium durablility

Facilities and quality contol with SOOSAN know-how and experience :
– All components machining and final grinding are conducted the latest precision SPC equipment, and carefully monitored for precisetolerances, in the assembly process, only the latest generation robot welding machines are used