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Feature & Advantages:
– Vibration Dampening by high strength urethane cushions
– Service friendly & robust structure housing
– IPC & ABH system allows you to choose 3 diffrenet working modes
– Auto shut-off & easy start
– Valve adjuster : Oil flow can be adjusted in accordance with on-site work conditions
– Auto lubrications connection (Option)

IPC (Integrated Power Control) & ABH (Auto Blank Hammering & easy start) SYSTEM:
– Integrated Power Control& Auto Blank Hammering & easy start system
– 3 Different working modes available
The ET series has been improved with special function:
– IPC & ABH system allows you to choose 3 different working modes: The automatic shut off function can be switched off or on. The operator can select the correct operating mode between high frequency and normal power or low frequency with extra power. With this advanced system, the operator choose correct mode in accordance with the on site requirements in a matter of minutes and with the minimum of hassle
– Auto shut-off & easy start: Operation is can be automatically stopped in order to prevent consequential damage to the power cell due to the blank hammering especially in secondary breaking or when the operator is unskilled. Operation is easy to start when soft pressure is applied by the chisel to the work surface
– Auto lubrication connection
– Convenient nitrogen gas charging and pressure check from the outside of housing. It is no needed to open the service panel
– Valve adjuster: Oil flow can be adjusted in accordance with on-site work connections