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Solid stability, advanced technology, and a comfortable operator’s seat.
Convenient, pleasant indoor space, luxurious, and with a premium operator’s seat STD series are designed ergonomically that help double the operation capability to carry out works completely.

Newly designed monitory instrumental panel.
Newly designed to maximize visibility, the inner instrumental panel makes it possible to grasp the operation state of the equipment overall immediately.

Operation system with advanced technology.
The electronic joystick system provides excellent grip and efficiency in works. The driving boom operation lever, configured based on the European pilot method, can be controlled in a speed according to the operation angle, providing smooth and powerful operation performance.

Powerful lower driving body.
The strength of the undercarriage is enhanced, minimizing the shock to the lower body during movement. Its wide track, long tumbler, and high ground clearance ensure the highest safety in driving.

Main pumps.
As highly durable high-performance sensing pumps are loaded and pumping is efficiently mounted, it is possible to carry out any type of high load works efficiently.

High-capacity compressors, which boast of superb durability, are mounted and ensure the best work performance.
Dust collector with powerful suction.
The dust collector that consists of 3 filters is an eco-friendly system that provides powerful suction and efficient dust filtering effects. In addition, it is easy to replace filter cartridges and the maintenance work can be carried out superbly, doubling the efficiency of the work.

Strong and simplified slide extendable boom.
As external cylinder and a slide pad are mounted, the boom is made in an extending configuration, providing a wider working space that helps realize works efficiently.

Wide drilling range.
The drilling range is maximized up to the swing angle of 45° in the left and right directions, providing high productivity in operation. (45° swing angle — Basic option, Extendable boom — Option).

Application :
– Drilling for blasting
– Small and medium quarries and mines
– Construction and civil work sites

– Can be operated conveniently and easily by using a joystick
– Low energy consumption, high output, and eco-friendly Tier III engine
– Application of a large cabin for the convenience and safety of the operator — ROPS and FOPS certification
– Realization of optimal performance and low energy consumption due to load sensing adjustable hydraulic pumps and electronically controlled engines
– Unified and solid vehicle frame
– Start-up device for severe weathers (fuel and hydraulic oil heating device)