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SOOSAN proudly present an innovative telescopic-type power crane series. This is new series of product can help energize work site because they are excellent in lifting works, economical, durable, east to operate, and provides complete safety functions. providing more satification and reliability the more you use it, our cranes will ensure the success od your business.

Made lighter and more durable:
Through optimal engineering, including swing posts and frames, the products are made lighter, more durable, and unified in design. In addition, pipes are simplified to make it possible to provide A/S services more easily.

Powerful boom structure :
Engineered based on FEM (finite element method), booms are light, strong,and stable becauseof the production know-how that has been accumulated over the past two decades.

Outriggers with a cross-axis foothold :
The front outrigger foothold is designed in a cross-axis configuration, helping prevent damage of road blocks and support cranes on an irregular ground surface solidly, allowing works to be carried out smoothly.

As a touch screen display is applied, the operator can monitor the status of a crane in realtime and can also set the sensor from the operator’s seat (top seat). As error codes will be displayed, the time for A/S services can be reduced, helping increase the operation time of the equipment.

Rotation prevention system applied :
Installed in a way that makes it possible to conveniently insert the boom rotation prevention pin from the operator’s seat (Applied for SCS 746L or higher grade)

Overload prevention system applied :
A wireless-type overwinding prevention system is adopted basically, making it possible to operate the crane more safely.
Feature & Advantages :
– Excellent in lifting capcacity, economical, durability, easy to operate, and has complete safety systems.
– Adoption of a high-tension hexagonal boom (ATOS80). Application of a double derrick cylinder.
– Minimization of noise through low-noise winching and enhancement of safety through embedded mechanical automatic brakes.
– A winch guide roller is basically adopted that help increase the work efficiency and safety.
– Can be easily used for general construction, civil works, billboard works, medium and large buildings, and apartment works.
– All-weather telescopic-type cranes that have their own cranes have reliable lifting capability, performance, and mobility.
– Providing time-saving, cost effective and reliable load handling solutions for contruction and civil engineering, factory, oil and gas field, logistics, military logistics, mining, port and shipyard, general transport, municipalities, public utilities, etc.
– Combination of telescopic boom and winch with wire rope enables easy and efficient operation for material handling even in confined a work space such as deep-underground, high-rise buildings, under bridges, etc.
– Low noise, silent winch with automatic brake system.
– Safety device : pressure relief valve, over-center valve, over-winding alarm device, pilot check valves for outriggers, swing locking device, etc.
– Optional : JIB boom, auxiliary winch, over loading prevention device remote controller, oil cooler, etc.
– Light duty cranes : 2.2 ton ~ 5 ton class (Applicable truck chassis : payload 2.5 ton ~ 11 ton)
– Medium duty cranes : 6 ton ~ 7.6 ton (Applicable truck chassis : payload and above)
– Heavy duty cranes : 10 ton ~ 20 ton class (Applicable truck chassis : payload 11 ton and above)