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BROKK 60 EX, BROKK 100 EX, BROKK 160 EX, BROKK 280 EX, BROKK 400 EX, BROKK 800 EX (NEW 2015) Introducing the Brokk EX Series

Behold the newest members of the Brokk family: The Brokk Ex Series. This new prodcut lineup consist of six model designed specifically for use in potentially explosieve environments. With specialized modifications and equipment, such as explosion-proof electrical cabinets, gas detectors and more, these machines provide a new level of safety and durability in work areas with explosive gas hazards. All Ex machines comply with the ATEX 1994 / 9 / EC directive, classified up to Equipment Class 3G IIA T3. They can be used in what the ATEX directive calls “Zone 2”, where the explsive gas, vapor or mist may ocur. this new capability is especially importan for customers working in ming, petroleum and other potentially dangerous industries. The Ex Series brings an even higher margin of Brokk safety to all these environments.

Feature & Benefits: