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The Port-a-Trac is a light-weight, aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into the kiln and under the Bricking Machine scaffold. To move a pallet of brick up-kiln in small kilns where forklift access is prohibited requires a cost in time and manual labor or a custom solution.
The challenge of transporting brick up-kiln will depend mostly on the size of the kiln and the condition of the surface of the kiln. The smaller the kiln, the smaller the access under the bricking machine frames. The more limited the access the more difficult it is to get brick past the machine to the bedding crew.
Furthermore, it is advantageous to transport the brick as a pallet rather than individually not only for obvious speed advantages, but to avoid potential damage to the individual brick. With a Port-A-Trac, 2 men can easily push a 4,000 LB pallet of brick up the kiln and under a Bricking Machine. Our Port-A-Trac can be the standard 35′ (10.5M) or can run the full length of your kiln.