SCS 887

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Name Value
Class Medium – Duty Cranes (6 ton ~ 7.6 ton Class)
Max. lifting capacity (ton/m) 21
Max. lifting height (m) 24.5
Max. working radius (m) 22.3
Max. working height (m) 25.2
Boom Type/Section Hexa/7
Extending speed (m/sec) 17.5/36
Raising speed (°/sec) -16°~79°/15
Winch Hook speed (m) 14(4/4)
Wire rope (min/m) Ø10x120m
Slewing range (rpm) 360° continuous
Slewing speed (rpm) 1.8
Slewing Type Hydraulic motor driven, worm and spur gear reduction
Outrigger Type front Double Box H-Type
Outrigger Type rear Fully hydraulic, Double box type
Max. expanded span (m) Front : 6.0 Rear : 4.3
Hydraulic system Rated flow (l/min) 65
Hydraulic system Rated Presure (kgf/cm2) 210
Oil tank capacity (l) 170
Applicable chassis (ton) 7.5 and above

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